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Please ensure you drag any images you are interested in off my site to your computer by clicking and holding on the WHITE BORDER around any image and dragging it to your desktop. That will give you a record of the image number and the date. I can only leave images up on my site for 6 months maximum.

I will be deleting the images from August 2014 from this website over the next week or 2. I do keep all my original images in storage at home so as long as you know an image number and date I can always find your images.

Sandon Point Boardriders Club ... 2015 Calendar .

2015 Rego Form & Direct Deposit (existing members only)Details. CLICK HERE

As many of you already know, Noel Downey and I are working on expanding the aerial photography and video side of what we do. It is a slow process due to the complexities of the technologies. Thankfully Noel is very talented and enthusiastic. If you want to see a variety of sample shots taken by Noel from the air at various locations in the Illawarra click HERE or on one of the images above. We are also waiting for the right conditions to shoot some surfing from our rubber duckie. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SHORT VIDEO of the sort of footage we are capturing.

Interested in scoring some perfect waves and surf with Occy? Click on the The Perfect Wave image above to go straight to their home page.


Email me at the email address below to be added to my mailing list and receive a large surfing image every day. Join a mailing list of several hundred subscribers who already enjoy this FREE service. You receive an image without a watermark across the middle and 4 times larger than the images shown elsewhere on my website along with a surf forecast analysis.


To see what people have received over the last 18 months CLICK HERE

Want to see how many images and video clips there are in your folder? Click HERE.

LEG ROPES . I now carry spare leg ropes in my camera case. If the surf is going off and you busted a leggie and don't have a spare, grab one for only $25. Yeah, you can pay me later.

Line Up Images. I get a lot of requests for prints of some of my better line up shots. I have created an album with 35 images for you to select from. Click HERE . Also check out the 208 images I sent out in 2012 as part of my daily email mailing list. Click HERE.

Your own Individual Website Page..

In appreciation for all the support I get from everyone who buys my images I am now creating personalised pages contaning images of surfers who buy my images. Any names on the Individual Surfers Page which is coloured yellow indicates that they have their own web page. 33 Surfers now have their own individual pages with a selection of images of themselves.

If you want to see a selection of the better images from any shoot ASAP after a days shoot then click on the "LIKE" button on sandonpointphotos.com's FACEBOOK PAGE . Make sure you activate the "receive updates". I put a selection of the better shots up there soon after I get home. Click on the Facebook Logo above.

Joel Dawson. Wednesday 22nd April 2015 . Afternoon Session

Dru Parkinson. Wednesday 23rd April 2015 .Afternoon Session.

Phillip Antonie. Wednesday 23rd April 2015 .Afternoon Session.

DVD 8 is also now Available. 90 mins of footage from the 2011 Winter season down the Point.



HINT.... The easiest way to keep a record of your own images is to drag the images in the albums to your desktop. These will have the image number embedded in them.

For Mac users, just click and hold on the WHITE BORDER and drag to your desktop. For Windows users, right click and hold on the white border and drag.

My images at full size are now 2.1 meters wide X 1.41 meters high. At full size the original RAW files are 25 Mb, as TIF files they are 72 Mb and as jpg files they are 16 Mb.

I do not upload all the images I take but there is always at least 1 image from each wave I shoot.


The table below shows the last 12 sessions...... with the most recent session at the top.

Daily images from the last 12 SESSIONS.... (See below for Images from previous Months and sessions.)

Full Shoot
Albums and Comments.
  2 to 3ft Sat 25th Apr Thirroul 7.00 to 8.15am 730   Coming
3ft Thur 23rd Apr Point 3.00 to 4.30pm 547   1 Album with 136 Images .
4 to 5ft Thur 23rd Apr Point 7.30 to 8.30am 325   1 Album with 69 Images .
6 to 8ft Wed 22nd Apr Point 2.15 to 4.00pm 1241   1 Album with 244 Images .
4 to 7ft Tues 14th Apr Point 7.15 to0.30am 2613   1 Album with 577 Images . These were mainly taken from the boat.
4 to 7ft Mon 13th Apr Point 3.15 to 5.00pm 1807   1 Album with 400 Images .
3 to 5ft Fri 10th Apr Point 7.30 to 9.00 am 1085   1 Album with 224 Images .
  5 to 7ft 6-9 Apr BELLS       BELLS Comp images coming
3 to 5ft Sun 29th March Stany 7.45 to 9.30am 854   1 Album with 191 Images .
4 to 5ft Sat 26th March Stany 8.15 to 9.00 am 442   1 Album with 114 Images .
3 to 5ft Sun 29th March Stany 7.45 to 9.30am 854   1 Album with 32 Images. Messing around at sunrise
3 to 4ft Thur 26th March Thirroul 4.30 to 6.30pm 1531   1 Album with 386 Images .
4 to 5ft Wed 18th March Woonona 4.00 to 5.0pm 607   1 Album with 171 Images .
5 to 6ft Wed 18th March Woonona 7.45 to 10.00am 894   1 Album with 212 Images .
5 ft Tues 17th March Woonona 8.30 to 10.00am 1060   1 Album with 200 Images .



VIDEO CLIPS ... Keep a record of the dates you see yourself in my video clips.

The full resolution clips can be bought and compiled into your own personal video on DVD..

From now on I will only keep images up on the site for approximately 6 months.

All my original images from 2007 onwards are stored in my image library.

As long as you have kept a record of the image numbers and dates of your images they will always be available.

The easiest thing to do is drag the large copy of your image to your desktop by clicking and holding on the WHITE BORDER. (I think it is a right click on Windows PCs).

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